Pokémon Silver Tips

How To Catch Lugia
Go To Olivine City.
NOTE: You Will Need The HM Whirlpool And Loads Of Ultra Balls
Or Use The Cloning Cheat To Clone Master Balls
Go To The Left Of Olivine And Surf Down In A Straight Line For About 20 Steps Then Turn Right As Far As You Can. Then Keep Going Down In A Straight Line. Then Turn Left When You See The WhirlPool. Then Surf Straight Up Untill You Get To Land. Then Go Round To The Cave Entrance And Enter.
NOTE: You Will Need Flash Whilst In The Cave.
Once In The Cave Go Up And Turn Right And Jump The Ledge. Then Go Up A Bit And Turn Right. And Jump That Ledge. Then Go Up And Enter The Stairs. Then Go Down And Turn Left. And Back Down And Enter The Stairs. Then Surf And Go Right And Then Go Down The WaterFall. Then Turn Left And Enter The Entrance. Then Surf And Lugia Should Be Straight Ahead Of You. Need Help Or Want To Ask A Question: Email Laydee.Keepz@hotmail.co.uk Only Email Me Plz Dont Add Me. Thankyou..