Pokémon Silver Tips

Pokemon Locations
Note:You will NEVER find Raikou,Entei,or Suicune in Cianwood

Hey,it's Me,the DragonMaster,and i know just like me ya'll had trouble finding a lot of the pokemon,well,i'm here to help u out i'll start off with Abra and go to Zubat.I hope i help ya'll out.

Pokemon Locations (A-Z)

Abra–Psychic–Games Corner in Goldenrod,Routes 24, 5, 6, 8

Aerodactyl–Rock/Flying–See girl on Routes 14, swap for your Chansey

Aipom–Normal–Routes 29 and 44, in trees

Alakazam–Psychic–Evolves by trading Kadabra

Ampharos–Electric–Evolves from Flaaffy at level 30

Arbok–Poison–Evolves from Ekans with experience, and Route 4

Arcanine–Fire–Gold Only:Evolves from Growlithe using Fire Stone

Ariados–Bug/Poison-Gold Only:Evolves from Spinarak with experience, also Route 2

Articuno–Ice/Flying–Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Azumarill-Water-Evolves from Marill at level 18

Bayleef–Grass–Evolves from Chikorita

Beedrill–Bug/Poison–Gold:Evolves from Kakuna with experience,and(During Contest)National
Park,Silver:Ilex Forest,in trees at night

Bellossom–Grass–Evolves from Gloom using Sun Stone

Bellsprout–Grass/Poison–Routes 31, 32, 44, 5, 6, 24/5

Blastoise–Water–Evolves from Wartortle

Blissey-Normal-Evolves from Chansey by happiness

Bulbasaur–Grass/Poison-Trade from Red,Blue,Yellow

Butterfree–Bug/Flying–Silver:Evolves from Metapod with experience,(During Contest)National
Park,Gold:Ilex Forest,in trees at night

Caterpie–Bug–(During Contest)Silver:National Park,Gold:Routes 30, 31, Ilex Forest and Route 2

Celebi–Grass/Psychic–i guess u need a gameshark

Chansey–Normal–Routes 13-15

Charizard–Fire/Flying–Evolves from Charmeleon with experience

Charmander–Fire-Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Charmeleon–Fire–Evolves from Charmander with experience

Chikorita–Grass–One of the starter Pokemon from Professor Elm

Chinchou–Water/Electric–Fish from the dock at Olivine where the SS Aqua arrives from Vermilion,Fish in the Vermillion Pool

Clefable–Normal–Evolves from Clefairy using Moon Stone

Clefairy–Normal–Mt Moon, night

Cleffa–Normal–Breed from two Clefairy,Breed From Clefairy and ditto

Cloyster–Water/Ice–Evolves from Shellder using Water Stone

Corsola–Water/Rock–Cianwood, fishing with Super Rod,Day Care Pool,Fishing with Super Rod

Crobat–Poison/Flying-Evolves from Golbat by happiness

Croconaw–Water–Evolves from Totodile with experience

Cubone–Ground–Rock Tunnel

Cyndaquil–Fire–One of the starter Pokemon from Professor Elm

Delibird–Ice/Flying–Ice Path

Dewgong–Water/Ice–Evolves from Seel with experience

Diglett–Ground–Diglett's Cave

Ditto–Normal–Route 34

Dodrio–Normal/Flying–Evolves from Doduo at level 31

Doduo–Normal/Flying–Route 26/7, Viridian City, Mt Silver

Donphan-Ground-Evolves from Phanpy, also Victory Road,Silver: Mt Silver

Dragonair–Dragon–Evolves from Dratini at level 30, Dragon Den

Dragonite–Dragon/Flying–Evolves from Dragonair at level 55

Dratini–Dragon–Dragon Den

Drowzee–Psychic–Routes 34, 35, 11

Dugtrio–Ground–Diglett's Cave, and evolves from Diglett with experience

Dunsparce–Normal–Dark Cave(VERY rare),easier to find after Hiker Anthony Calls u and tells u about them

Eevee–Normal–Free from Bill in Goldenrod, or as a prize from the Games Corner in Celadon City for 6,666 coins

Ekans–Poison–Silver:Routes 32,4,Gold:Goldenrod Games Corner

Electabuzz–Electric–Grass Outside Power Plant

Electrode–Electric–Evolves from Voltorb at level 30

Elekid–Electric–Breed from two Electabuzz,Breed from Electabuzz and Ditto

Entei–Fire–One of the Legendary Beasts, somewhere around Johto

Espeon–Psychic–Evolves from Eevee, it has to be happy and evolve during the day

Exeggcute–Grass/psychic–Ilex Forest, at night, in trees

Exeggutor–Grass/Psychic–Evolves from Exeggcute using Leaf Stone

Farfetch'd–Normal/Flying–Route 38

Fearow–Normal/Flying–Evolves from Spearow at level 21,Route 10

Feraligatr–Water–Evolves from Croconaw with experience

Flaaffy–Electric–Evolves from Mareep with experience

Flareon–Fire–Evolves from Eevee using Fire Stone

Forretress–Bug/Steel-Evolves from Pineco with experience

Furret–Normal–Evolves from Sentret at level 15

Gastly–Ghost/Poison–Bellsprout Tower(night), Tin Tower

Gengar–Ghost/Poison–Evolves from Haunter(Trade)

Geodude–Rock–Mt Mortar, Route 45/6, Dark Cave, Rock Tunnel, Mt Moon,pretty much any cave in the game

Girafarig–Normal/Psychic–Route 43

Gligar–Ground/Flying–Route 45/6

Gloom–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Oddish with experience

Golbat–Poison/Flying–Whirl Islands, Mt Mortar, Ice Path, Route 26/7,
Victory Road, Mt Silver

Goldeen–Water–Route 42, Mt Mortar,Routes 26/7, 9, 10

Golduck–Water–Evolves from Psyduck with experience,Route 6,Mt. Silver

Golem–Rock/Ground–Evolves from Graveler (Trade)

Granbull–Normal–Evolves from Snubbull

Graveler–Rock/Ground–Evolves from Geodude with experience, Mt Silver,
Dark Cave, Mt Mortar, Route 45/6, Victory Road

Grimer–Poison–Routes 16-18, Celadon City

Growlithe–Fire–Gold only:Routes 36,37,7,8

Gyarados–Water/Flying–Red Gyarados:Lake of Rage, regular Gyarados evolve from Magikarp at level 20, Fuchsia City

Haunter–Ghost/Poison–Evolves from Gastly at level 24

Heracross–Bug/Fighting–Routes 29 and 44, in trees

Hitmonchan–Fighting–Evolves from Tyrogue,Defense higher than Attack

Hitmonlee–Fighting–Evolves from Tyrogue,Attack Higher Than Defense

Hitmontop–Fighting–Evolves from Tyrogue, attack = defence

Ho-oh–Fire/Flying–Roof of Tin Tower, Ecruteak

HootHoot–Normal/Flying–Routes 29, 31, 37,at night only

Hoppip–Grass/Flying–Routes 32, 13-15

Horsea–Water–Whirl Islands

Houndoom–Dark/Fire–Evolves from Houndour at level (somewhere in the 20's)

Houndour–Dark/Fire–Route 7 at night

Hypno–Psychic–Evolves from Drowzee with experience

Igglybuff–Normal–Breed from two Jigglypuff,Bree from Jigglypuff and Ditto

Ivysaur–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Bulbasaur with experience

Jigglypuff–Normal–Route 4

Jolteon–Electric–Evolves from Eevee using Thunder Stone

Jumpluff–Grass/Flying-Evolves from Skiploom with experience

Jynx–Ice/Psychic–Ice Path(Female Only)

Kabuto–Rock/Water–Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Kabutops–Rock/Water–Evolves from Kabuto at level 40

Kadabra–Psychic–Evolves from Abra at level 16,also Route 7

Kakuna–Bug–Evolves from Weedle with experience, National Park, Silver: Routes
30, 31, Ilex Forest

Kangaskhan–Normal–Rock Tunnel

Kingdra–Water/Dragon-Evolves from Seadra by trade, holding Dragon Scale

Kingler–Water–Evolves from Krabby with experience,Day Care Pool,use super rod

Koffing–Poison–Burnt Tower

Krabby–Water–Dark Cave, Olivine, Whirl Islands, Cianwood,Day Care Pool

Lanturn–Water/Electric-Evolves from Chinchou with experience,Vermilion City Pool,use super rod

Lapras–Water/Ice–Union Cave on Fridays

Larvitar–Rock/Ground–Mt Silver

Ledian–Bug/Flying–Evolves from Ledyba with experience,Route 2,morning time only

Ledyba–Bug/Flying–Silver: Routes 31, 2,morning time only

Lickitung–Normal–Route 44

Lugia–Psychic/Flying–Whirl Islands,Only One

Machamp–Fighting–Evolves from Machoke by trading

Machoke–Fighting–Evolves from Machop, also Rock Tunnel, Mt Mortar

Machop–Fighting–Goldenrod Mart swap Drowzee for Machop, Rock Tunnel, Mt Mortar

Magby–Fire–Breed from two Magmar,Breed Magmar and Ditto

Magcargo-Fire-Evolves from Slugma at level 38

Magikarp–Water–Slowpoke Well, Ilex Forest, Lake of Rage,Route 44, Dragon
Den, Dark Cave, Fuchsia City, Cinnabar Island, Union Cave

Magmar–Fire–basement, Burnt Tower, Ecruteak

Magnemite–Electric/Steel–Routes 6,11

Magneton–Electric/Steel–evolves from Magnemite at level 30

Mankey–Fighting–Gold Only:Routes 42, 9

Mantine–Water/Flying–Gold Only:Route 41

Mareep–Electric–Routes 32, 42

Marill–Water–Mt Mortar, in the entrance as you approach from Ecruteak,easier to find after Hiker Parry Calls u about them

Marowak–Ground–Evolves from Cubone with experience, and Rock tunnel

Meganium–Grass–Evolves from Bayleef at level 32

Meowth–Normal–Silver:Routes 38, 5, 6

Metapod–Bug–(During Contest)National Park, Gold: ROutes 30, 31, Ilex Forest,Route 2

Mew–Psychic–Gameshark Maybe?

Mewtwo–Psychic-Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Miltank–Normal–Route 38,easier to find at night

Misdreavus–Ghost–Mt Silver

Moltres–Fire/Flying-Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Mr Mime–Psychic–Route 21

Muk–Poison–Evolves from Grimer at level 38

Murkrow–Dark/Flying–Route 7(night)

Natu–Psychic/Flying–Ruins of Alph(Grassy Bit)

Nidoking–Poison/Ground–Evolves from Nidorino using Moon Stone

Nidoqueen–Poison/Ground–Evolves from Nidorina using Moon Stone

Nidoran female–Poison–Route 35

Nidoran male–Poison–Route 35

Nidorina–Poison–Evolves from Nidoran female with experience, and Routes 13-15

Nidorino–Poison–Evolves from Nidoran male with experience, and Routes 13-15

Ninetales–Fire–Evolves from Vulpix using Fire Stone

Noctowl–Normal/Flying-Evolves from HootHoot with experience

Octillery–Water–Evolves from Remoraid with experience

Oddish–Grass/Poison–Ilex Forest(night), RT 24/5

Omanyte–Rock/Water–Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Omastar–Rock/Water–Evolves from Omanyte at level 40

Onix–Rock–Violet City(swap), Victory Road, Rock Tunnel, Mt Silver

Paras–Bug/Grass–Ilex Forest, National Park, Mt Moon

Parasect–Bug/Grass–Evolves from Paras at level 24

Persian–Normal–Evolves from Meowth with experience,Route 7

Phanpy-Ground-Silver Only:Route 45/6

Pichu–Electric–Breed from two Pikachu,Breed From Pikachu and Ditto

Pidgeot–Normal/Flying–Evolves from Pidgeotto at level 36

Pidgeotto–Normal/Flying–Evolves from Pidgey at level 18, and Routes 24/5,
8, 13, 2

Pidgey–Normal/Flying–Routes 29, 30, 35,(Not During Contest)National Park, RT 36, 6, 5, 24/5, 2,1

Pikachu–Electric–Route 2,easier to find at night

Piloswine–Ice/Ground-Evolves from Swinub with experience

Pineco–Bug–In the trees in Ilex Forest and Route 43

Pinsir–Bug–(During Contest Only)National Park

Politoed–Water-Evolves from Poliwhirl by trade, holding Kings Rock

Poliwag–Water–Routes 30, 31, Ruins of Alph, Route 44, Mt Silver

Poliwhirl–Water–Evolves from Poliwag with experience, and Routes 30, 31, Mt

Poliwrath–Water/Fighting–Evolves from Poliwhirl using Water Stone

Ponyta–Fire–Route 26/7, Mt Silver

Porygon–Normal–Games Corner in Celadon City for 9,999 coins

Porygon 2-Normal-Evolves from Porygon by trade, holding Upgrade

Primeape–Fighting–Gold Only:Evolves from Mankey with experience, and Route 42, 9

Psyduck–Water–Ilex Forest, Routes 34, 35, 6

Quagsire–Water/Ground–Evolves from Wooper by experience,Ruins Of Alph

Quilava–Fire–Evolves from Cyndaquil with experience

Qwilfish–Water/Poison-Routes 32, 16-18(rare)

Raichu–Electric–Evolves from Pikachu using Thunder Stone

Raikou–Electric–One of the Legendary Beasts, found in Johto

Rapidash–Fire–Evolves from Ponyta at level 42, and Mt Silver

Raticate–Normal–Evolves from Rattata with experience, and Routes 38, Mt
Mortar, Routes 26/7, 9,10

Rattata–Normal–Routes 29, 46,(Daytime)Bellsprout Tower, Mt Mortar,Routes 26/7, 9, 10, 7,
3, 4, 1,Tin Tower

Remoraid–Water–Route 44(fishing,VERY Rare)after Fisher Wilton or Fisher Ralph(whichever ones on route 44)calls u they will go from VERY rare to Many of them,use super rod and u will find a level 40

Rhydon–Rock/Ground–Evolves from Rhyhorn at level 42,trade a Female Dragonair for a Rhydon in Blackthorn city

Rhyhorn–Rock/Ground–Victory Road

Sandshrew–Ground–Gold: Union Cave, Mt Moon Silver: Goldenrod Games
Corner prize

Sandslash–Ground–Evolves from Sandshrew at level 22 or 24

Scizor–Bug/Steel-Evolves from Scyther by trade, holding Metal Coat

Scyther–Bug/Flying–(During Contest Only)National Park

Seadra–Water–Evolves from Horsea with experience

Seaking–Water–Evolves from Goldeen with experience, and Mt Mortar,Routes
26/7, 24/5, 9, 10

Seel–Water/Ice–Whirl Islands

Sentret–Normal–Routes 29, 1

Shellder–Water–Cinnabar Island,Dock Where the S.S.Aqua is located

Shuckle–Bug/Rock–Cianwood(gift),Dark Cave,Cianwood(Rock Smash the Rocks),Olivine(Rock Smash The Rocks)

Skarmory–Steel/Flying–Route 45/6, Mt Silver

Skiploom–Grass/Flying-Evolves from Hoppip with experience

Slowbro–Water/Psychic–Evolves from Slowpoke at level 31 or 32

Slowking–Water/Psychic–Evolves from Slowpoke by trade, holding Kings Rock

Slowpoke–Water/Psychic–Slowpoke Well,cave right above the guy that says "u Know what u just did you've just takin your first steps into kanto"

Slugma–Fire–Routes 16-18,Bicycling Road(grassy Part)

Smeargle–Normal–Ruins of Alph(grassy bit),below where the puzzle is and after u get out of the cave,where Natu is

Smoochum–Ice/Psycic-Breed from a Jynx and a Ditto

Sneasel–Dark/Ice–outside Mt Silver

Snorlax–Normal–Blocking the path to the Diglett's Cave,only one

Snubbull–Normal–Route 38,easier to find after Schoolboy Chad calls u and tells u about them

Spearow–Normal/Flying–Routes 29, 46, 42, 9, 10, 7, 3, 4, Viridian City,Route 44 in trees,should be asleep when u find it

Spinarak–Bug/Poison–Gold Only:Routes 31, 37,at night only

Squirtle–Water–Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Stantler–Normal–Route 37 at night

Starmie–Water/Psychic–Evolves from Staryu using Water Stone

Staryu–Water–Cianwood(fishing at night),Day Care Pool, use super rod and u will find a level 40 staryu at night time

Steelix–Steel/Ground–Evolves from Onix by trade, holding Steel Coat

Sudowoodo–Rock–Route 36,weird tree blocking road water with bottle and it will come alive,only one

Suicune–Water–One of the Legendary Beasts, found somewhere in Johto,if u can't find it don't worry u'll eventually find it because i found all three of them within 2 weeks

Sunkern–Grass–National Park,Route 24/5

Sunflora–Grass–Evolves from Sunkern using Sun Stone

Swinub–Ice/Ground–Ice Path

Tangela–Grass–Route 44, Mt Silver

Tauros–Normal–Route 38,easier to find after Schoolboy Chad Calls u to tell u that he saw them

Teddiursa–Normal–Gold only:Route 45/6

Tentacool–Water/Poison–Anywhere there is sea,lakes,oceans,pools,etc.

Tentacruel–Water/Poison–Evolves from Tentacool with experience, and anywhere there is sea

Togepi–Normal–Hatches from the Mystery Egg

Togetic–Normal/Flying-Evolves from Togepi at level 22/happeniss,it evolves at level 22 if it is happy enough

Totodile–Water–Starter Pokemon from Professor Elm

Typhlosion-Fire–Evolves from Quilava with experience

Tyranitar–Rock/Dark-Evolves from Pupitar at level 30

Tyrogue–Fighting–Mt Mortar,win from Blackebelt Hiyo who trains deep inside Mt.Mortar

Umbreon–Dark–Evolves from Eevee, by happiness, it needs to evolve at

Unown–Psychic–Ruins of Alph,after u solve the puzzles

Ursaring–Normal–Gold only: Victory Road, Mt Silver

Vaporeon–Water–Evolves from Eevee using Water Stone

Venomoth–Bug/Poison–Evolves from Venonat with experience, also Routes 24 and

Venonat–Bug/Poison–(During Contest)National Park, Routes 43, 24/5

Venusaur–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Ivysaur with experience

Victreebel–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Weepinbell using Leaf Stone

Vileplume–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Gloom using Leaf Stone

Voltorb–Electric–Olivine(swap),swap Krabby For Voltorb,Routes 9, 10

Vulpix–Fire–Silver only:Routes 36, 37, 8, 7

Wartortle–Water–Evolves from Squirtle with experience,Red,Blue,Yellow

Weedle–Bug–(During or not During Contest)National Park,Silver:Routes 30,31,2

Weepinbell–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Bellsprout with experience

Weezing–Poison–Evolves from Koffing at level 38

Wigglytuff–Normal–Evolves from Jigglypuff using Moon Stone

Wobbuffet–Psychic–Dark Cave

Wooper–Water/Ground–Ruins of Alph,Route 32(night), Union Cave

Xatu–Psychic/Flying-Evolves from Natu with experience

Yanma–Bug/Flying-Route 35(night),after Bug Catcher Arnie calls u and tells u about them

Zapdos–Electric/Flying-Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Zubat–Poison/Flying–Dark Cave, Union Cave,Slowpoke Well, Ilex Forest,
Burnt Tower, Whirl Islands, Mt Mortar, Ice Path, Rock Tunnel, Mt