Pokémon Silver Tips

Problems saving?
If you're game will no longer save (you play for a while, save, turn off your gb, and when you turn it back on it says only "new game" and "option") i can offer you much assisstance OK. the save file memory is controlled by a battery inside the game cartridge. to replace the battery, first, take the hexagonal screw* out of the back of the game. remove the cover. the battery will be wrapped with yellow electrical tape. remove the battery (be careful not to separate the metal from the game chip!!!) go get yourself a new battery (i got mine at walgreens for $3.49) and reattach the battery by wrapping it in electrical tape (+ side down and attached to the uppermost metal connector). soldering works too, but why waste your time? and there you have it. you should be able to save your game
*hexagonal screw drivers aren't the most common things. i used a fine, metal tip pen to unscrew mine. the screw's not in very tight.