Pokémon Silver Tips

Catching Legendary Dogs
Yet another way to catch them. Release them at the Burned Tower, run into them at least once. (so you can see where they are) Get a Pokemon that is fast, level 39, knows a sleep move, (dont use spider webs, it knows roar, and escapes) and another pokemon that knows false swipe and cut. Then begin to track them. I would fly to Violet City and check where they are. If one is an EVEN number of routes away, walk toward it, along those routes. It sometimes goes toward you, but sometimes doesn't. If you end up in the same route, use cut on all the grass until there is only 2 squares of grass left that are side by side. It wont work with one. Use a repel and search in the grass with your level 39 sleeper at the top. It should appear after a short while. Use your sleep move, switch to the false swipe pokemon, whittle down its health, and use a ball. You might catch it, depending on the ball. (ie if its a master ball.) Good luck.