Pokémon Silver Tips

Cloning Stones
Okay. I know that it would SEEM impossible to clone the elemental stones, BUT IT'S NOT!!! Here's what you do:

1. Give a stone to a Pokemon. Make sure the stone will not make it Evolve. For example, do not give a water stone to Polywhirl. You can, however, give the water stone to a Ponyta.

2. Deposit your pokemon in a box. I would suggest setting aside a special box for clones pokemon. (yes, this will clone your pokemon too.)

3. Switch boxes. Say it is okay to save, and say yes to overwriting. Then, when it says 'Saving... do not turn off the power.', turn it off RIGHT after it finishes writing 'power.'

4. Turn the Gameboy gack on. You will be in front of the PC.

5.Now this is where it is DIFFERENT than cloning any other item. If you look at your pokemon, the pokemon you just used the cloning cheat on will have no item. However, look in your item pocket. You should still be holding the elemental stone.

6. Turn on the PC. Look in the box where you deposited the Pokemon before you turned off the Gameboy. The pokemon is in there. Withdraw it, and... Ta da! It is holding the elemental stone! Take it from it, and you now have TWICE AS MANY!

NOTE: I am not sure if you can clone multiple stones at one time. (example: cloning two pokemon, both holding stones) But, it does work! At least, it did for me. I played it on a Gameboy Advance... so it might have been different... but ah well!

Hope it helps!