Pokémon Silver Tips

Beating Lance
Beating Lance is hard, especially after having to get through the Elite Four:

Ampharos lvl 4x
Typhlosion lvl 4x
Pidgeot lvl 4x
(Red) Gyardos lvl 37
Lugia lvl 4x
and any pokemon you want for the sixth one.

Get through the Elite Four, and make sure you have a bunch of revives, potions, and ethers (for lugia's aeroblast). send ampharos out on lance's gyrados. one thunderpunch should do the work. send ampharos out for dragonite #1. Use thunderpunch, and iron tail. for dragonite #2, use gyrados (make sure it knows Icy Wind) and hit him with icy wind. lowers speed, and keep using it. for aerodactyl, send out ampharos. if fainted, send out a decoy, and use revive. make sure ampharos is at full health before fighting, 'cause aerodactyl's rock slide kills ampharos in two hits. use 1-2 thunderpunches. for dragonite, use lugia. his last pokemon is charizard.