Pokémon Silver Tips

Get all three fighting pokemon
When you get Tyrogue from Kiyo in Mt. Mortar.
you can duplicate it three times. Get alot of these items:
Note: * means it's a suggestion
-3 Guard spec. (Goldenrod City)
-3 Dire Hit (Goldenrod City)
-3 Calcium
To evolve into:
Hitmonchan: -X Attack (Goldenrod City)
-*TM41 and/or *TM33 and/or *TM48(Goldenrod City)
Hitmonlee: -X Defend (Goldenrod City)
Hitmontop: -X Defend
-X Attack(Must have same amount as XD)
-Iron(Must have same amout as P)
You have to make sure that you end up with the same amount of Atk as of Def if you want Hitmontop. Ok feed 1 of every item at the beginning of this tip to every Tyrogue.
Train until you evolve. If you have more Def, You'll have Hitmonlee. If the Atk is higher, you get Hitmonchan.If they are the same, you get Hitmontop.