Pokémon Silver Tips

The three dogs and how to catch them
The most effective way to catch these pesky dogs is to do the following:
-Release them (duh)
-Have ran into one in the past.
-Make sure you have a guy that knows Spiderweb or mean look, A guy with false swipe and a wack of Fast balls and heavy balls.
- Super Repels and a the first guy in your party to be below Level 40 and above the level of the normal wild pokemon
-Go to a "route splitter". This means the line at which a route goes to a different route (you can tell by looking at your map).
-Note that everytime you cross into a different route the dog moves to a different location on the map so knowing this, Walk across the "route splitter" and look at your pokedex. If the dog isn't on you, cross the line again.
-continue doing this until the dog is on the same route as you. When it is, use a super repel and walk around the grassy area until you find it.
-Use your guy with spiderweb/meanlook to keep it from running away and wither its health down with false swipe.
-Use your fast balls and heavy balls on it until you catch it.

of course you can ignore the battle if you have cheated to get lots of masterballs.

hoped it helped.