Pokémon Sapphire review
Pokemon Sapphire Review


Pokemon Sapphire is one of three 3rd generation Pokemon games, and it has many new Pokemon, and and the usual gym trainers and Elite 4. Now for the detailed review....

Not that bad for a GBA game. The sprites for the different Pokemon are quite well-designed, and my favorite Pokemon sprite is of the legendary Pokemon that graces the cover of Pokemon Sapphire's boxart, Kyogre. I can't really be too skeptical of the Graphics, because they are expected to be mediocre on the GBA. Graphics get a 4.0.

The Sound of the Pokemon games is always quite impressive, and that's no different in this installment. The music can be quite joyful at times, and be quite tense at others. The music for Legendary Pokemon encounters is very well done, and it fits extremely well. The music can get a bit annoying at times, which caused me to mute my GBA sometimes. The sounds the Pokemon make are also interesting. Sound gets a 4.5.

Pokemon Sapphire is a turn-based RPG. For those that don't know what a turn-based RPG is, it's a game where once engaged in battle, you take turns to attack the enemy. In Pokemon Sapphire, you need to build a team of Pokemon to do this, and there's different advantages and disadvantages to each Pokemon-type. For example, the Fire-type Pokemon are strong against Grass-types, but they are weak against Water-types. This provides an adequate challenge as you progress through the game.

The leveling system in Pokemon Sapphire is pretty generic for an RPG, but it's acceptable. After a battle, the Pokemon you used will gain experience. This experience banks onto that particular Pokemon's experience, and it adds up until it Levels up. While you do need your Pokemon team to be nice and strong for the Elite 4, training gets quite tedious after awhile. If you used two or more Pokemon during a battle, the experience will be divided amongst them. You'll need to vary your Pokemon team's different types to be able to make a reliable team, and it'll be extremely helpful in higher levelled Gyms and the Elite 4.

In the many towns you'll be travelling through, there's special centers called Pokemon Centers. They are used to heal Pokemon, and they're used as a sort of checkpoint system for if you lose a battle. If all your Pokemon are taken down, you will be taken to the Pokecenter where the nurse will heal all your Pokemon up to max health. There are also special stores where you can buy supplies for use during Pokemon battles using money you've gained from beating Pokemon Trainers and Gym Leaders.

While there are many good things about Pokemon Sapphire's gameplay, I just don't think that it's much of a change from past Pokemon games. Gameplay gets a 3.8.

The story of the Pokemon games are always kind of strange. In this one, you play a small child [you choose gender] that just moved to Littleroot Town. After a short amount of time in your new house, you go outside to find that a man is being attacked be a wild Pokemon, and you are forced to choose from 3 different starter Pokemon to save him. After you save him, he gives you the Pokemon you chose, and you start off on your Pokemon Trainer adventure. After that, you go from town to town to challenge 8 Pokemon Gyms, and then the strong-as-hell Elite 4 to earn the title of Pokemon Champion. It's not that big of a change from the other Pokemon games, and it's far from original. Storyline gets a 3.0.

Replay Value:
Sadly, there's not much Replay Value here. There's really no incentive to go back and catch all the Pokemon in the game, nor is there incentive to play from the beginning again. If you are looking for a game with high Replay Value, then Pokemon Sapphire may not be for you. Replay Value gets a 3.0.

Pokemon Sapphire is an interesting turn-based RPG that will please any fan of the Pokemon series. If you're just getting into Pokemon, this game would also be great for you. But, if you aren't a fan of turn-based RPGs, a linear storyline, or participating in fights between animal-like creatures, then this game might not be for you. Pokemon Sapphire for the GBA gets a 3.7.

NOTE: Final Score is an average.

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Eternal Demon Apr 22, 10
You gave storyline a 3.0. yet you didn't mention the conflict between Team Aqua and Kyogre, which seems to be quite a big part of the story.
1 thumbs!
Ditnopota Apr 23, 10
I didn't find it necessary, as it's the same with most Pokemon games. To me, Team Aqua and Magma are just ripoffs of Team Rocket, but split into two different groups. Plus, they aren't the main focus of the character... The Elite 4 is the main focus....
0 thumbs!
DarshD May 19, 10
Simply great review, Ditnopota !
I don't own a GBA but still I read it because your reviews are awesome .
1 thumbs!
Ditnopota May 20, 10
Thanks, man . Means alot coming from a person with such fantastically-written reviews themselves ....
0 thumbs!
DarshD May 29, 10
Yes, your review is lenghty enough and gives idea of what this game is. So, it's awesome !
0 thumbs!
Ditnopota Feb 13, 11
I'll be doing a revision of this review soon.
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