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Graphics: 7/10
The graphics have gottin better as the Pokemon series progress' but it stil hasn't arose to a field where its spectacular! The battle scence's have a litle more graphic in them but not as much as Silver and Gold.

Sound: 6/10
Still no voices added, just beep beep beep. When the day comes that I actually here a Pokemon say its name is the day I'll die. The music is the same as any other Pokemon game. Theres no radio like Gold & Silver, so that ruins that.

Charactors: 10/10
386 Pokemon exist.... Only 200 can be caught. Some might wonder why so little but I think that Nintendo is setting itself up for more Pokemon games. There none of the orignal starters from any of the Pokemon games or old legendary pokemon.

You also get to pick between a boy and a girl. Quite lovely if you're a female or a male.

Gameplay: 9/10
Just thinkin of the Ruby & Sapphire gameplay makes me think of Red and Blue. You fight Team Aqua in saving the ocean. In the meanwhile your conquest to catch all the pokemon and beat the Elite Four still moves on.

Theres many mingame on the side. The Secret Base, New ways Breeding, The Contests Hall, The Regi's, Rematch battles, and more.

Summary: 9/10
Great Game! One of the best Game Boy Advance games I've played ever! Much better then Gold & Silver but worst since you only work on 1 region. There is no Khanto or Johto. Theres Hoenn! A Island of unique and great Pokemon. I do beleive this Island is the best out of all the regions together.

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