Pokémon Sapphire Tips

easy way to catch kyogre
first get shedinja by having one empty space in your party and a ninacada train it to level 20 so that it evolves into a ninjask after that
go to your empty space in your party and youll find shedinja in it.
train it to level 45 or 47.After that go to the event when kyogre takes over
hoenn then when steven flys to sootoplis follow him there.when your there go to the cave of origin and battle kyogre.when the battle begins
get shedinja to use fury cutter til kyogres health is at orange then use false swipe to get his health to red then use your ultra balls to catch him.

NOTE:Kyogres move wont work due to the fact that shedinja has the ability wonderguard which prevents foes from landing attacks that are
not super effective.