Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Regies Full Guide
OK here's a full guide to the regies.
Part 1: unlocking the caves
moves/pokemon required: surf, dive, dig, wailord, relicanth

to get the regies (regirock regice and registeel) go to Pacifidlog Town and surf left near the bottom until you reach route 134 and there should be a place where you can dive on that route. go down until you reach some braille on the wall and go up. when you're in there go to the crumbly wall at the back and use dig. in the second cave you have to have the relicanth in your first slot and wailord in your second. click on the writing in the back of THAT cave and you will open the other caves.

Part 2: Island Cave
moves/pokemon required: surf

Surf south from petalburg (or north from dewford) and the cave is on the west of route 105. once you are in there read the writing DON'T MOVE!!! after awhile the wall will open to the second cave.
Regice Lv40 type: ice

Moves: curse, superpower, ancientpower, icy wind
weak to: fire, rock, steel, fighting

Part 3: Desert Ruins
moves/pokemon required: strength

go east from lavaridge onto route 112 (the desert) and go to the south part of the desert. there will be another cave. once in there click on the writing then take 2 steps left and 2 steps down and use strength (there's no boulder there so don't worry about that). that will open the second cave.

Regirock Lv40 type:rock
Moves: curse, superpower, ancientpower, rock throw
weak to: water, grass, ground, steel, fighting

Part 4: Ancient Tomb
moves/pokemon required: fly

Go southeast from fortree (or west from lilycove) to the area where the route bends right and there are a bunch of puddles (but NO rain). go above the pond on the left and you will find the tomb. once in there read the writing ( i don't think reading is necessary but i would do it to be safe) then use fly in the middle of the room. for the last time the second room will open.

Registeel Lv40 type: steel
Moves: curse, superpower, ancientpower, metal claw
weak to: fire, ground, and of course fighting
Immune to poison

they all have the ability clear body so you can't reduce their stats

this DOES NOT work for emerald and should work for ruby.