Pokémon Sapphire Tips

The Elemental Stones
Haven't figured out how to get the Elemental Stones yet? Well, they might just be under your nose. Literally.

You know that house on water east of lilycove? Go in that house, and it should be a guy who is looking for shards. Search the water around his house, and you should find little bodies of water. Dive there, and underwater, search for dive openings to dive up. If you dive up in the right place, you will find a shard. Give that to the man you met in that house and he will give you a stone depending on the color of the shard you gave him. (i.e, if you give him a Green Shard, he will give you a Leaf Stone, as a Red Shard is to a Fire Stone, etc.)

Keep searching little bodies of water around his house. You will find shards to trade in for stones.