Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Getting a Kyogre
To get Kyogre, you must first beat all of Team Aqua in Seafloor Cavern at Route 128. Head to Sootopolis City near Route 126. There, you'll meet Steven again and the Sootopolis Gym Leader Wallace. Head into the Cave of Origin. Before heading in the area with Kyogre, collect HM 7: Waterfall. Then, save before heading to Kyogre. Either the blue or red orb you have at Mt. Pyre on Route 122 will glow and Kyogre will battle you. May I suggest you weaken him first with a Pokemon above Level 45. WARNING! If you have a Pokemon with a higher level, you would probably kill Kyogre. Use different moves that will weaken him. When Kyogre has red HP, throw a Poke Ball at it and you will capture him. I suggest you use your Master Ball for this occasion.

P.S. Make sure that your Pokemon is at Levels 46-49.

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