Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Some OK tips
Note: Sorry for any misspellings. Im terrible at that sort of thing!

Kyroge might very well be the stongest Pokemon in the game. Make sure it knows hydro pump, sufr, blizard, and Thunder. All of these attacks are super strong, and when combined with Kyroge's DRIZZLE affect, they all have a very very very good chance of hitting and all the moves are powered up too. Thunder rarely if ever misses when its raining!!! My level 56 Kyroge dropped the level 70 Raquyaza in one hit from blizzard. And it wasnt even a critical hit!!! Granted that Raquyaza is a dragon/flying pokemon.

A fast way to beat ur dad in the gym (Norman): If u start out with chicorita by the time ur ready to fight ur dad, Torchik should have evolved to combuskin and learned double kick. This should let u entirely sweep the gym with combuskin if u have berries or other items to let u heal combuskin and restore the PP of double kick. Although it pry would be smart to have a back up fighter, just in case things go bad but u should be alright.

A good team for your doubles matches. Have a strong pokemon that knows Earthquake and an ally that is flying or has LEVITATE as a special ability. That way the Earthquake will bash only ur enimies. This is especially true for the reporters that follow u everywhere. The earthquake from a strong pokemon should take care of both their pokemon. I used this to level up my weak flyers and to earn tons of money with the AMULET COIN. ;-)

Well, thats all 4 now. Ill post more when they come up. Later