Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Secret bases
Lots of people want secret bases, right? well, I'll tell you where to get stuff, where to build them and how to build them.
If you go to Mauville City, you can go up past it, you go up here to get to Lavaridge Town, and there is a boy looking at a tree. talk to him. he will give you the tm 'Secret Power' Teach it to a pokemon.
In trees, clumps of grass or in caves. press A on the place you want to build a secret base. it will say 'do you want to build a base?' click yes. you'll be put in. Decorate it and TADA!
to start of with, theres a market in Slateport. theres a guy who'll only sell you stuff if you have 'Secret Power'. talk to him. he'll sell you stuff for your base. or you go to lilycove city, in the big store. go to lvl 5. its a whole store for secret bases. in Mauville game corner you can win dolls. talk to a girl and she'll give you one for free! you can put dolls and cushions in your room as well. you can buy plants for your secret ase at pretty petals flower shop. Spread flowers through the world!