Pokémon Sapphire Tips

how to get the coin case
To get the coin case go to Mauvill city.Go to the house to right next to the Mauville game center.( to the right of the game center.) Walk in the house and a ladie will be sitting in a chair. Go and talk to her, she will tell you that she needs a harbor mail,but she needs a bike to ride to slateport to buy it. Now go to Slateport and buy a harbor mail. Take the mail to the ladys house,walk in and talk to her.She will start talking about the harbor mail again.Than in the middle of her centance a question mark will apeare over her head. She will ask you if she can have the mail and in trade you can have coin case. Say yes and she will give you the coincase and take the harbor mail. Now you can go and start playing. Happy gambling! I hope you say thankyou. Your wellcome. Now that you got what you want go away. By.