Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Easy starting tip
Best starting pokemon to use before you get legendary pokemon:
1. Torchic (Fire) Although doesn't help with Roxanne, helps with everything else and is one of the only powerful Fire pokemon in Sapphire. Combusken also learns Double-Kick at level 16.
2. Lotad (Water-Grass) Learns Absorb at lv8. Even though it only knows Astonish when you get it, only battle Wurmples, Shroomish, and Lotad until it gets to lv8.
3. Tailow (Normal-Flying) Good, useful Pokemon. Already knows Peck. Learns wing attack at level 14 (I think). Easy to train in Petalburg Woods.
4. Poocheeyana (Dark) Although weak at first, he evolves into a powerful Mighteyana. That is the most powerful dark pokemon in the game. Also helps with Tate & Lisa.
5. Ralts (Psychic) Yep, he's there. Keep looking and you'll find him. Powerful psychic pokemon. If you don't want him, you can find Abra in the Dewford cave. Good while teaching him Shadow Ball. WARNING: Abra is at level 8. That is a tough level to come back from.
6. Aron (Rock-Steel) Weak at first, but evolves into a powerful pokemon later. You must wait till the Dewford Cave to catch him though.

These starting Pokemon cover Grass, Water, Ghost, Bug, Psychic, Electric, Flying, Normal, Fighting, Ice and Steel. I have them all at level 100 in their farthest stage and I beat the game in 3 days!

Elite Four Breakdown:
Sydney: Tailow, Torchic
Ghost Leader: Ralts, Lotad
Glacia: Torchic, Lotad
Drake: (Make sure one of your pokemon knows Ice Beam or another Ice attack.)
Steven: Torchic, Aron, Lotad, Tailow