Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Easy Level for bad pokemon
If you want to train a bad pokemon, then follow these tips:
1. Find The Camera people called Gabby and Ty. Have a pokemon holding EXP share. Then, Have a level 70 or better pokemon. Put Both in battle.

2. Make sure your good pokemon knows surf. Then, use it on Exploud and Magneton. This way, it knocks out both pokemon at once. The EXP points are split in half, so you can do this over and over because Gabby and Ty always want to battle.

When your pokemon gets to the level desired, you can stop this method and put him in the Elite Four and grow there too.

P.S. I think there is a hold item that lets you double the amount of EXP points in play. If there isn't, then don't worry about this. Also, an easy Pokemon to grow is Altaria and Walrein. I did this strategy and got both at lv 100 in 1 day!