Pokémon Sapphire Tips

How to get Regice, Registeel and Regirock
In order to get this 3 regis first defeat the elite four and you must have relicanth and wailord. Then after defeating go to the Pacifidlog. You surf to the left, you will see there are rapids, pass there until you will find and see like a dark water and then surf!! You will go directly to the Underwater. Then find the mysterious code there it like dots. But I find how to read this, search in the internet for Braille letters. Ok let us go back to the game, that code means "UP HERE". It means you go up there. Then you will see the Secret Chamber. Go to the north until you see the code it says "Dig Here". Then let your pokemon dig then that wall will have a hole. Then go inside go to the north again then you will see the code on the wall then read it, it means "First comes Relicanth, then Wailord." It means that arrange your Relicanth to the first, then put your wailord to the last. Then it will have an earthquake it means you open the three cave of Regis.

Regice- go to petalburg, then go to the left until you will see a beach. Surf downwards until you will see a small island with 1 person only then go to that island and surf to the north. You will see a Cave. Then when you go there you will see codes again. It means "Stop and Wait, Wait for the time to pass twice." That's the code but I can't understand what to do in this situation sorry. But I tell you the code then what it means.

Registeel- You can found this between Fortree and Lilycove. Go to lilycove the go to the left until you see something going up then go there you will find a big pond. Go to the north where you will see a ninja hiding near the tall grasses. You will see also a person. Just go north until you will see the cave. You will see again the codes. But I forgot what was that word. But i know how to open that so that you will see Registeel. Go to the middle and use Fly. Then the wall with codes will have a hole then when you go inside you will see Registeel.
- I think the code means "Go to the middle and aim to the sky" I am not sure but I am telling what will you do.

Regirock- Go to the desert and go to the south you will see a cave go inside there. You will see codes again. I am so sorry but i also forgot what is the code means.. I just remember that you will go to the direction twice and another direction twice then you will use strength..
like this __ _ then use strength. Exampledont follow this i really forgot what is the code) Left,left,down,down then use strength.

The only tip is Search in the internet for BRAILLE.. OK
Remember: Be patient to get this 3 Regi OK..

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