Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Beating Norman
OK, some people find it really hard to beat Norman (your dad), so here\'s a great strategy. Pokemon required:

Any second evoloution starter (around level 30)

A pokemon that knows counter that\'s atleast level 29. (Like breloom)

Start with the pokemon that knows counter. (I used breloom). When use counter on the first turn. His slaking will most likely use facade, which does massive damage, and counter doubles it! So that takes care of slaking. Next he will use Virogoth, so take out your star starter. He\'s not too hard, just keep attacking him, and use a super potion/hyper potion if you need to.
Lastly he\'ll use another slaking. So take out your counter pokemon. He\'ll have yellow health, so i suggest using a potion. This slaking is easier, because he doesn\'t use facade nearly as much. DO NOT USE COUNTER. Because this slaking mostly uses the focus punch, (It has to tighten it\'s focus first.) so if you don\'t use something that inflicts damage on it without it having to attack, the slaking will use focus punch, which completely and utterly knocks out your pokemon!

Ok, so I know these instructions might be sort of hard to follow, but You should beat your dad in no time!