Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Hold Items (RATE IT PLEEZ!!!!)
I will tell you the Pokemon that hold items, and what they hold. And if you don't believe me, its really true. Its really helpful cause they hold rare items. 1 more thing. They will ONLY HOLD THESE ITEMS VERY RARELY. You might be lucky!!

Geodude: Everstone
Skitty: Leppa Berry
Kecleon: Chesto Berry
Shuppet: Spell Tag
Girafarig: Persim Berry
Abra: Twistedspoon
Magnemite: Metal Coat
Gulpin: Big Pearl
Aron: Hard Stone
Lairon: Hard Stone
Whismur: Chesto Berry
Graveler: Everstone
Corsola: Red Shard
Cacnea: Poison Barb
Dusclops: Spell Tag
Sandshrew: Quick Claw
Relicanth: Green Shard
Zigzagoon: Oran Berry
Banette: Spell Tag
Solrock: Sun Stone
Horsea: Dragon Scale
Bagon: Dragon Scale
Chinchou: Yellow Shard
Doduo: Sharp Beak
Dodrio: Sharp Beak
Koffing: Smoke Ball
Loudred: Chesto Berry
Numel: Rawst Berry
Trapinch: Soft Sand
Clamperl: Blue Shard
Spinda: Chesto Berry
Hariyama: King's Rock
Pikachu: Oran Berry OR Light Ball
Staryu: Stardust OR Star Piece
Grimer: Nugget
Poocheyana: Pecha Berry
Linoone: Oran Berry OR Sitrus Berry
Duskull; Spell Tag
Luvdisc: Heart Scale
Lunatone: Moon Stone
Magneton: Metal Coat
Vulpix: Rawst Berry
Roselia: Poison Barb

Well thats all of them. When u catch one of those Pokemon don't expect to find that they're holding an item. U should catch a lot of the same type of Pokemon then check if any of them have that item. Good Luck!!!