Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Credits, who needs them?
Sure you can hold down the B button on your GBA, but what is even better is to just shut the game off.

Once you beat Steven and you get past all the hoopla with may and proffesor,he takes you into the champion room. Once you register your pokemon on that contraption of his, you will see a screen that says "SAVING...DO NOT TURN OFF POWER!"...well listen to it, dont turn it off, but once you see its gone and your Pokemon are showing up with their data, shut it off. Once you turn it back on you will be in your room which would happen if you waited out the credits anyways.
Trust me it works, ive beaten the Elite-4 84 times and have never watched the credits.
e-mail me if you like this tip, or if you want some more, i might be able to help.