Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Breeding Pokemon
Breeding a pokemon is basically taking one male and one female pokemon and breeding them. However, to do so you need to make sure they are in the same egg group and that they are both checked into the Pokemon Daycare located on route 117.

The Egg groups are:
1. Amorphous
2. Bug
3. Dragon
4. Fairy
5. Field
6. Flying
7. Grass
8. Human-Like
9. Mineral
10. Monster
11. Water 1
12. Water 2
13. Water 3

And of course, some rare legendary pokemon don't have and egg group.
You DON'T have to breed the pokemon with a same species. So, you could breed a Delcatty with a Spina since they are both in the Field Egg Group.

When you deposit the two pokemon, go to the old man stading next to the Daycare. He will tell you how your two pokemon are getting along:

They're very friendly... = Expect an egg!
The two seem to get along... = An egg might be coming!
The two don't seem to like each other... = A slim chance for an egg
The two prefer to play with other pokemon... = Not a chance.

Leave him and explore for some time before coming back. If the old man is standing outt further than when you first met him, he has an egg waiting for you. The Daycare lady also will tell you that he is waiting for you. Make sure you have enough room in your party before collecting the egg. You can also retrieve the new parents by checking them out of the Daycare as you would normally. Most likely they wont grow many levels when you get them. MAKE SURE you don't leave them there after you collect your egg! Or else you may find yourself with a dozen eggs!

Some species can give you a special egg. One that contains a rare Pre-evolution that you cannot get anywhere else. Availavle Sapphire Pre-Evs are:

Marill + Marill = AZURILL
Wobbuffet + Wobbuffet = WYNAUT
Pikachu + Pikachu = PICHU
Jiggypuff + Jigglypuff = IGGLYBUFF

If you are not using a twosome that can produce a Pre-Ev, then you will get the evolution below that type:

Grumpig + Grumpig = Spoink
Xatu + Xatu = Natu
And so on...

You can also aquire help from items given to your pokemon. Like Wobbaffet and Marill. To increase the chances of getting a Pre-Ev, give a Lax Incense to a Wobbuffet and a Sea Incense to a Marill.

To hatch the egg, walk around for a looonnnggg time. Eventually it will hatch and you'll name your baby and everything.

Your hatched pokemon gets moves from both parents.

.: Level-Up moves both parents posess have a chance of being passed to the baby.
.: If the Fater knows a TM or HM move, it also could be passed to the hatched pokemon.
.: Baby pokemon automatically learn Egg moves from the Father(not the mother).

The baby pokemon's type takes after it's mother ALWAYS. However, the gender of the hatchling can vary. The baby will ALWAYS start at level 5.

Breeding isn't hard to do, you just need to pair up the right pokemon! Your baby could end up with a powerful move that it's species can't learn! OR wont learn for many levels!