Pokémon Sapphire Tips

How to get 10 berries per day
Ok you wanna get 10 berries per day? here's how you do it-
1. Go to the berry master's house- get two from him and one from his wife. (you can get cheats to get rare berries from her)
2. Go to Rustboro and go down to the flower shop where you come out fromthe maze you get from petleburg. Talk to a girl there, you'll get a berry.
3.Go talk to a man in lilycove city. He's up the steps on the right hand side, near the sea.
4.Go to Fralabor (dunno abpout spelling) and go left to leave the town and go down the bridge where there are twins. Go to teh right ofthe tiwms and you'll see a guy who give you a berry.
5. Go to sootopolis city and surf across the water.Don't go up the steps, go to the south west of the gym and you'll find a girl called Kiri. she'll give you two berries.
6. Go to Lavaridge town, jump down the ledges and go through the sand place. Go up a bit to where you're nearly at fralabor and tehre's a girl who gives you Razz berries.
7. Go to lilycove again and go left trhough the grass till you can't go further. There's a girl who gives you Figy berries. Don't worry if you accidently say no. She'll still give you a berry.