Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Latias tip
Ok so i finally got latias and thanks to many tips. How i started though, in lilycove head left till you get to route 121. follow the little curve and stop just at the edge of the two rows of bushs. Then, if you have ran into latias before, check the pokedex and see where she is. If she is not in that area, run back to the first hous and go in and then come right back out. Run to the bushs and like before check if she is there. I had success with this although sometimes it may be boring. Before you start doing this though, make sure you have lots of Great or ultra balls, lots like 30, and a wabufet at lv. 40 or so. Also what i did before i used wabufet is i brought latias' health down to about 15%. With wabufet in the lead latias can not run away, make sure you also have energy roots to rehealth. It will be needed. And once you have latias in battle, just keep throwing balls and rehealthing untill you catch her. Wabufet works well, i wish i thought of using him a long time ago.