Pokémon Sapphire Tips

free berries
there are spots to get free berries in the game, so here they are:
1. theres a house near falloboro, or lava rige(have to use sandy trail thing) there should be a house here where a lady heals u, go up and there should be a girl who gives u berries!
2. go to sootopoolis and in the bottim lefthand corner is a girl named kiri who gives you berries
3. go to fortree then walk across the town to the other side, then go down till you get to the registeel place there should be a girl below the stares with green hair she gives you berries
4. then go to lillycove and in the top right hand corner theres a guy in a brown coat he gives you a berry
5.go to lillycove then go to the place were you can surf to mountpire(infront of safari zone) then surf past mt pire and walk across till you get to a white gate then go inside the house, there a man named berrymaster who gives you two different berries, and his wife gives you one( changes on what you say to her)

well those are all of the free berries i know about bye.