Pokémon Sapphire Tips

HM List
HM01 - Cut: Cuts down trees outside of battle.
Location: The Cutter's House in Rustburo City.

HM02 - Fly: Flys you to other cities outside of battle.
Location: Route 119.

HM03 - Surf: Lets you swim through water to get to other areas.
Location: Petalburg City.

HM04 - Strength: Moves big boulders.
Location: Rusturf Tunnel.

HM05 - Flash: Lights up dark caves.
Location: Granite Cave.

HM06 - Rock Smash: Smashes rocks that may be in the way.
Location: Mauville City.

HM07 - Waterfall: Allows you to climb up waterfalls.
Location: Cave of Origin.

HM08 - Dive: Allows you to go underwater.
Location: Steven's house in Mossdeep City.