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Sealed Chamber Guide
This is a guide to get the three elemental legendaries of Ice, Rock And Steel. They are Registeel, Regice And Regirock.
The sealed champer is located near the bottom end of the ocean current.

First of all you need a Relicanth. Catch these in the diving area located around Sootopolis. Secondly you need a Wailord. Catch these with a Super Rod on Route 129. Alternately, catch a Wailmer and evolve it at Lvl 40. You must also have a pokemon that knows Dig!

Step 1. The Relicanth must be first in your party and your Wailord last. Go to the Sealed Chamber and walk to the end of the room and use dig while standing in front of the end wall. A door will Open!

Step 2. Once again walk to the end of the room with Relicanth and Wailord in the right places. Read the wall and then press B. Three clicks will sound and text will appear saying a door opened far away.

Step 3. Go and visit the Island cave, Above Dewford. Go inside, read the text but simply wait for 2 minutes and the door will open. Walk through. TADA! Regice. Bring Many Ultra Balls.

Step 4. Visit the Desert Ruins at the bottom of the desert. Go inside read the text. Please Note that you must be in the centre of the wall. It simply says Right, Right, Down, Down then us strength. The door opens! TADA! Regirock.

Step 5. Visit the Ancient Tomb. [south east of fortree city] Sorry don't know exactly where it is! Go inside. Don't bother reading the text. Just go to the middle of the cave and use Fly. The door opens. TADA! Registeel.

Hope this helped all you legendary lovers out there!