Pokémon Sapphire Cheats

Get Feebas and Milotic
Feebas and Milotic are cool Pokemon, well at least Milotic is. Feebas is a fish with holes all through it but it is cool cause it evolves into Milotic, a super-strong water Pokemon. This is just like the Magikarp - Gyarados story, but a hell of a lot harder to do. To get a feebas you must first go to route 119 (the route going North on the left hand side of Fortree city). Along this entire route is a river. This is where you find Feebas. But, it is very hard. To save you time, DO NOT try and catch feebas by just surfing, you'll never find it. You can surf a fish, but not just surf. Not the hard part. Of all of the places on the river, only six random tile at once will hold Feebas. These tiles are always random, but will only change if you change the trendy saying in Dewford City. My suggestion is to use the old rod as you don't have to fish for very long with it, although any rod will work (I caught mine wit a super rod). The best way to find a feebas is to move onto every possible tile and fish through about for or five pokemon until you find one. When you do find the right tile they are pretty common.
Now that you have a feebas you can get a Milotic. Just don't do what I did and try and evolve it by raising it up levels. All Feebas ever learns is Splash, Tackle and Flail, and its stats hardly change. I ended up with a level 65 pokemon that was beaten by level 15 pokemon. Before you can get your Feebas to evolve it must have the right nature. The best natures are Quiet, Rash, Modest or Mild but any other nature will wor except for Adamant, Careful or Impish. The reason it needs a compatible nature is because feebas evolves completely different from all other pokemon. Feebas evolves through Pokeblocks. You must feed your feebas as many blue or indigo Pokeblocks as it can eat to max out its beauty level. Its beauty must be at level 170 or else it won't evolve. Once you have maxed out this, simply raise it one level and you have your Milotic. The best way to take advantage of a Milotic is to catch a male and female feebas and have them breed to get an egg. Hatch and evolve.
The berries that will get the blue and indigo Pokeblocks are:
Blue: Chesto, Oran and Wiki
Indigo: Lum, Bluk, Wepear, Kelpsey, Hondew, Cornn and Pamtre.
A Feebas learns these moves:
Splash Lvl 5
Tackle Lvl 15
Flail Lvl 30
A Milotic learns these moves:
Water Gun Lvl 1
Wrap Lvl 5
Water Sport Lvl 10
Refresh Lvl 15
Water Pulse Lvl 20
Twister Lvl 25
Recover Lvl 30
Rain Dance Lvl 35
Hydro Pump Lvl 40
Attract Lvl 45
Safeguard Lvl 50