Pokémon Sapphire Tips

TV Guide
Always check TVs. There is at least one in each city, except Ever Grande City. Here they are-

Littleroot Town-Your House, Rivals House
Oldale Town-House on the bottom right
Petalburg City-Wally's House
Rustboro City-House across from PokeMart, House next to gym
Dewford Town-House at the very bottom right corner
Slateport City-The first house on the right fromt he beach
Mauville City-The house where you get Rock Smash
Verdanturf Town-The hosue on the bottom left with the lady and her pikachu
Fallarbor Town-Move Tutor's House
Lavaridge Town-House next to the Herb Shop
Fortree City-Last tree house on the northern set with the man in front of it, second house on northern set with old lady
Lilycove City-House north of shipyard with four boys, Move Deleters House. There is also one at the hotel, but you cant watch it.
Mossdeep City-House below PokeMart, the PokeBlock guys house, Super Rod's Guy's house
Sootopolis City-House on the side with PokeCenter with Azumarril inside, House on side with Mart, as far south as you can go, House with Brick Break TM
Pacifidlog Town-Norhtern house on the left side, TM Mans house
Ever Grande City-None

This list is to save you time when you are running aroudn looking for a TV. TVs are very helpful as they tell you things like-

When Lilycove Dept. Store has Clearout sales
When Energy Guru comes to Slateport
Service Day at Mauville Game Corner
Outbreaks of rare Pokemon on certain routes
Interviews with you
When Latias/Latios appears(once)

And it tells you lots of other stuff too. Remember this- If a TV is flashing then its important. Go up to it and press the A button.

Good Luck!