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Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Places you may or may not know about!
The "not so hidden" (Scorched Slab) Cave: Past Fortree on your way to Lilycove, you may notice a pool of water. Surf across it and you will get to a cave. Inside an item awaits(Sorry, but I forget the item and the cave name).

Mirage island: Off the coast of Pacifidlog in an island. It's no regular island. It only appears every week and a half or so. This island is covered with Wynauts(Psychic), the 1st stage of Wobbufett(Psychic). You can tell when it's there because a man in Pacifidlog tells you if he can see it that day.

Shoal Cave: Every knows it! Well, MAYBE not EVERYone. Shoal cave is located above Mossdeep. Sometimes the tide is low, and it's like a cave. Many items can only be collected during this time, including shoal salt. At high tide, water fills the cave, and you can reach items on pillars or places that before were too high to reach, including shoal shells. If you get 1 shoal shell and 1 shoal salt, a man near the entrance gives you a shell bell, which gradually increases the holder's health at the end of every turn. Also, many Spheals(water, ice) roam the caves at high tide.

Sky Pillar: After defeating the Elite Four and the champion, a path appears where rocks use to be northeast of Pacifidlog. This tower contains Golbats(Poison,flying), sableyes(ghost,dark), Alterias(Dragon, flying) and Bannettes(ghost), ranging from level 49 to 56! In the tower some floor ir cracked. If you attempt to run, walk, stop, or ride an acro bike on this surface it will brake, sending you to the floor below. You need to ride a mach bike and not crash. Eventually you will get to the top of the tower, where the level 70 legendary Rayquaza (dragon, flying) awaits you! (Hard to ctach with ultra balls, it had 2 hp, paralyzed, and confused but one didn't work, save that ,master ball of yours or you'll be really sorry!)

Underwater ruins: In the vicious current west of Pacifidlog (that seems to be involved a lot) is a dive area. Dive down using dive (that's a lot of dive) and follow an underwater trail. You will find a sign in braille. It's a message to unlock one of the 3 regis. (Later on in the game you'll need to find 3 sets of 6 rocks around one huge rock, to get the regis, you'll know when you're close, here's a hint: You'll see a fossil maniac near them. Only three fossil maniacs appear in the gmae, for the three rocks, one in the south part of the desert, one on the way from Petalburg to Dewford on the west side, and one inbetween Fortree and Lilycove near the "not so hidden" cave.)

The Sootopolis shore: You know where the gym floats on an island, right? Right! There are two areas, one of the left(east side of Sootopolis), and one on the left(west side of Sootopolis), or so you THINK! Ever here about the SOUTHwest side? It's obvious, you just may or may not know there is a person. A girl named Kiri gives you 2 free random berries. Stop by every day for two berries. (I know a way to get 6 berries daily without berry trees, wanna hear? 2 from Kiri, 2 from the berry master, one from his wife, and one from a man in Lilycove)