Pokémon Sapphire Tips

How to get Huntail and Gorebyss
For this cheat you need to dive underwater. Go into underwater grass and catch a clamperl(water).Then go to the Abandoned Ship inbetween Dewford and Slateport. You will need to dive again, after finding water in a room. Follow the path until light filters from above. You will appear in a hall with 6 rooms. Some are locked. When you enter a room, you'll notice sparkles, which disappear after a couple seconds. Stand next to where a sparkle was and face it. Click A to check it out. Some will be shiny trash, some will be items, and some will be keys to the locked rooms. Eventually, there will be a scanner in a room. Dive back down and explore the ship until you get to the top, where a guy is looking for the scanner. He tells you to take it to Captain Stern in Slateport. Go to Captain Stern and give him the scanner. He will let you choose a reward, either deep sea tooth, or deep sea scale. If you pick the scale,give it to Clamperl, and link trade it, it will evolve into Gorebyss, a beautiful pink eel! If you pick deep sea tooth, give it to Clamperl, and link trade it, it will evolve into Huntail, a vicious, powerful blue eel! (I personally prefer Huntail)