Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Combat Tips.
Here is a list of tips that may help you when you're in a tough situation.

Swagger:Best friend or worst enemy? When you use this move, the target becomes confused, but its attack is increased by immense proportions. This is a really stupid idea against a pokemon with crazy attack to begin with, such as Marowak or Hitmonlee. Although these 2 pokemon will never be encountered in this game, be cautious when you use it on one of the new fighting pokemon, like Hariyama, or Meditite/Medicham after they pump themselves up. But...this could be a good advantage to you if your pokemon is a ghost. You pretty much max your targets attack, but it can't harm you due to your normal, fighting, flying and none special attack resistance.

Encore is the perfect move when your opponent either does something stupid, or boosts their stats. For instance say your opponent used the move Leech Seed. Initiately, the attack will seed you and leech life each turn. But once you're seeded it does nothing, and encore can prevent more damage from being given to you. A few more attacks that do nothing after the initiation are: Helping Hand (Minun/Plusle), Thunder Wave, and Yawn.

Try and cover as many weaknesses as possible. Pokemon like Starmie can almost cover each element. Starmie can learn moves like Thunder, typical water moves, and Psychic moves. Also, watch your double elements. Double elements=Double weaknesses. With pokemon like Relicanth (water/rock), grass does double damage, but Relicanth can cover double the amount of types.

Destiny Bond and Perish Song are near useless if your target is gonna switch out. Try and get a Trapinch with Destiny Bond. Trapinch's passive ability, Arena Trap, prevents switching. Its a guarenteed KO. But say a Graveler, or Weezing is being Destiny Bonded or Perish Songed. Use Self Destruct, and take them down with you, to make at least some effort to screw up their plan. A good strategy, against your friends who would typically throw their best pokemon out first, would be for you to go out with Trapinch and one of his evolutions with Destiny Bond/Perish Song (You'll have to breed to get it.) Right off the bat, their best pokemon is done.

Another good combo would be an accuracy raising combo+an instant KO (sheer cold, fissure). Or, a Starmie with Rain Dance and Thunder. Rain Dance guarentees a hit with Thunder, plus it boosts all water moves. Same sort of combo with solar beam and sunny day. Solar beam takes up only one turn with Sunny Day in effect.

Don't waste a move when your target is in the air, under ground or submerged, use a stat booster, or Surf/Swift. Surf or swift will still give damage to the target, while a stat booster can give you more of an edge for the rest of the battle.

A common strategy for Muk'ers is to Minimize, then blast themselves with stat changes. Use Haze, then hes done. Haze cancels out all stat changes.