Pokémon Sapphire Cheats

Legendaries Tips.
OK. The Timer Ball, exclusive at the Rustboro mart, is your best friend here. When you try to capture the Regi Trio, make sure you have a few of these plus some moves just to take up a turn. Such as: False Swiping it until you run out of pp, Throwing like 50 pokeballs (just pokeballs, no great balls or ultra balls, or just rest yourself so you can't die. Whatever you do, dont kill him. You can do one of the following to make him less dangerous:
Paralyze him.
Sleep him. (Yawn is good)
Freeze him.
Use the move Encore after he uses Super Power. He will keep using it, but it takes away so much attack and defense, that by the end it will only do about 2 damage anyway.

So just keep throwing pokeballs, use useless moves (False Swipe when hes got 1 hp.) Or just screech him to death, just don't kill him, poison him, or confuse him. Keep taking turns until the Timer Ball spirits him away to Lannette's PC. And for God's sake don't use your master ball!