Pokémon Sapphire Tips

Easy catching of god pokemon(kogre, Rayquaza, Latias, etc...)
Before going into the Cave of Origin save ure game. U have to catch kyogre at all cost without using ure master ball. Bring a pokemon lvl 47+ and bring kyogres lifes down to the red. Now keep using ultra balls and u mght be able to catch him, if not after 10 turns start trowing timer balls which will catch him whith no trouble.

These are the best move for kyogre:
-thunder, tm u can buy in lilycove
-ice beam, he already has it
-Hydro pump, as it too
-Ure choice, i leave body slam because whitout it kyogre runs out of pp very fast.

Now train kyogre during the pokemon league by the time u beat all four plus the champion he should be around lvl 53-54. if u want u can redo the pokemon league to trainhim

Now head to Sky Pillar and go meet Rayquaza. (to get pass the holes in the ground a practised alot on cycling road by getting a time under 9:30 and no crashes.

To catch rayquaza use kyogre to bring him down to the red and watch out for his rest and outrage. and trow him ultraballs then timer balls u should catch him, this mite take several tries to do but don't use ure master ball.

Now to catch Latias, run around the hoenn region and when u run into him, he will just run away i am not sure if u can battle him again so use ure master ball. U can also use wobbuffet whoes special abelity doesn't allow pokemon to run away, but i don't reccomend that cuz if he faints u might not be able to catch him before he flees.

* I have mentionned alot the timer balls, and this is now to get em:

- Fly to verdentuff and take the passage that goes beteen verdentuf and rustbody when u come out the guy u saved from team aqua in petalburg forest will be there.

- talk to him, he will start blabing and leave know go to the pokemart in rustboro u will be able to buy timer balls and repeat balls