Pokémon Sapphire Tips

How to catch RAYQUAZA
Rayquaza is a powerful and rare pokémon.

It is better to catch the original one than use a cheat code for it, because it really gives you satisfaction and it will have much better stats. So, how do you catch it? First of all, you need to have beaten the Elite Four. Then, Go to pacifidlog and surf east (or right) in the water. Keep trying to work your way through the rocks until you can go north (or up). You will find an island of some sort, and go into a cave. You will need a mach bike to go further. This island is called 'Sky Pillar' and there you can find Bannets, Claydols, Sableyes, Golbats that know poison fang and, at the very top, Altarias. Build up speed on your mach bike and whatever you do, don't hesitate!! The cracks in the ground are to make it challenging. If it seems impossible at first, practise by going to Granite cave above Dewford and you can find a rare candy, a repel and an everstone. After a lot of persistent effort, the path reaches a dead end. Here you must fall through one of three cracks. Only one will allow you to continue to climb higher. Now, when you have finally reached Rayquaza, the best tactic for an easy catch is to train a Kyogre to level 58 and use Ice Beam. Rayquaza will know Outrage, rest, fly and crunch. Its special ability is AIR LOCK, which means it doesn't get affected by the weather. The Ice Beam will get it down to one HP and if it uses rest, use ice beam again and have a frenzy of throwing Ultra balls. A master ball is not required. Please note that the move rest will only sleep for two turns, so you have only two turns to throw ultra balls! Now that you have caught Rayquaza, a quick glance at its stats will show that it really kicks butt! Congradulations. You have caught, in my opinion, the best Dragon pokémon in the game!!