Pokémon Ruby Tips

Baton Passers? A thing of the Past and Future!
I've noticed that Baton Passers are taking a short decline in use. Mostly because of Hazers people think it isn't worth taking the chance. Well I say you let their moves benefit you.

Psych Up
Baton Pass

This is called a Psych-Passer. Put Simply just let your opponent raise it's stats, while you put on SafeGuard and the Attack with Return.

Then after about 3-4 turns of your opponent pumping up or if they let you know right before their about to switch use Psych-up.

Now you haven't really "wasted" a spot on your Team and all it took to get all those stats raised was one move.

During the opponent pumping up you also got to attack him.

You Safeguarded, Attacked, Pumped Up, and can Baton Pass all in one Pokemon.