Pokémon Ruby Glitches

Berry Time Glitch Fix
As you may notice, some, if not all Ruby Games have a Glitch when it comes to Berries. This Glitch can be fixed, by either of the following:

-Colosseum Bonus Disk (unconfirmed since I don't have a Gamecube.)

-Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red

-Pokemon Emerald

Now, for the last two methods, here's how to do it.

-You need another Gameboy, either Pokemon LG/FR or Emerald, and a Link Cable.

-Turn on the Gameboy that has Pokemon LG/FR/Emerald, load it up to the title page (The one that says Pokemon --- and has a picture of either Venasaur/Charizard/Rayquaza and press B+Select. Instructions should come up. Press A.

-Now, you should Connect the two Gameboys together, but make sure that te Player one side is on the Gameboy with LG/FR/Emerald. DO NOT TURN ON THE OTHER GAMEBOY. Once the Link Cable is Properly connected, press A.

-It will now tell you to hold down Select+Start on the Gameboy with Ruby in it to turn it on. It will now start fixing the glitch.

Hope that helped. If you need more help, just send me a message.