Pokémon Ruby Tips

Defeat the Gym Leaders Easily!
Ok, i know all the weaknessess of the Gym Leaders! RT-Recommended Types
Roxanne-Rock Type-RT-Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground
Brawly-Fighting Type- RT-Flying, Physchic,
Wattson-Electric/Steel Type-RT-Fighting
Flannery-Fire Type-RT- Water, Rock, Ground
Dad/Norman-Normal Type-RT-Fighting
Fortree Leader-Flying-RT-Electric, Rock
Twins/Mossdeep Gym Twins-Physchic-RT-Dark, Ghost
Sotopolis Gym Leader-Water-RT-Grass, Electric

Elite 4-Sidney-Dark-RT-Fighting
2nd-Ghost-RT- Dark, Ghost, Rock
Glacie-Ice/Water-RT-Electric, Grass (grass is weak to ice though)
Drake-Dragon/Ground-RT-i think rock, electric, grass should finish them off.

Champion Steven-.........just bring tons of hyperpotions and stuff. Multiple pokemon.