Pokémon Ruby Tips

beat elite 4 with 1 person
The way i beat the elite 4 was with my Blaziken. I trained it to level 90. They teach it the moves focus punch, sky uppercut, earthquake, and fire blast. On Sidney, the first person, use focus punch on every1 (it may take a few tries to kill because it the foes attack hits you lose your focus, but it still works) Then on the second person Phoebe, use Earthquake on everyone except one of the Dusclopses, (any one) and the Phione. The third person, Glacie use sky uppercut on everyone. On the 4th person Drake use Earthquake on shelgon, the focus punch if you dont kill. Then use sky uppercut on everyone else except Artaria(use focus punch) if it hits, then use Sky Uppercut on him to kill him. If the Focus Punch doesnt hit, use focus punch again. Also use Fire Blast on Salamance. On Steven, the last person, use Focus Punch on skarmory. Then use Earthquake on everyone else except on claydol and armaldo. Use sky uppercut on Armaldo and Fire Blast on Claydol.