Pokémon Ruby Tips

Getting feebas/milotic
I know there are a lot of cheats before mine that tell you how to get a Feebas and evolving it, but this method does work(all my friends tried it and got their own feebas).First of all, whatever you do do NOT change the trendy saying in Dewford town. If you do feebas will change location in route 119 and be much harder to find. When you get to route 119, use surf at the beginning of the river and use your OLD rod, not your good or your super. If you have the patience eventually Feebas will appear. If you don't catch don't worry, just keep looking in the same area and you will find it. After you get get its beauty up until its maxed out(I recommend using Kelpsy berries), then level it up. Now you have a Milotic. Remember do Not change the trendy saying or Feebas will move and be that much harder to catch.Good luck.