Pokémon Ruby Tips

Good pokemon against gym leaders
If you have trouble with gyns,this can help you out.As your starter pokemon,choose treeko.After you beat the first gyn(Rock and Ground type),catch and train an abra anyway you like because the next gym is Fighting type.The third gym is electric,so catch an aron with mud-slap and give your treeko(or grovyle)rock smash.The battle may have 2 b repeated until you win.the fourth gym is Fire so catch wingull who will have water gun.The fifth gym is your dad(Normal type)with 2 slakings and a vigroth.the first slaking will constantly use yawn,so get some awakenings.Use your aron who should have:Take down,headbutt and two other moves.the second slaking uses focus punch, so use headbutt.and the rest is easy.Sixth gym is winona(Wind).Teach your wingull(or pelliper) shock wave from the third gym and if you have it, ice beam.youll no wat 2 do.The seventh gym is Lisa & Tate(Lunatone and Solrock).Use your aron(or lairon) that should know iron claw or iron tail and a pokemon with dark moves(Kadabra/Alakazam or kecleon recommended) and youll b goog 2 go.the eighth gym is water so use treeko(grovyle or sceptile)
and groudon who you should catch with a master ball.and thats it!Your pokemon will be:Treko/grovyle/sceptile , kadabra/alakazam , wingull/pelliper , aron/lairon/aggron , kecleon and groudon.