Pokémon Ruby Tips

cool moves(need groudon or kyogre)
(only works for groudon or kyogre)
train groudon/kyogre to lvl 60 or higher and it will learn a REALLLLLLY strong move(witch are one hit K.O,s!)groudon will learn fissure and kyogre will learn sheer cold!they do ALLLLLLLOT of dm(always kills if hits)and no pokemon can stop you!(can miss alot tho)I know rayquazza is apart of the family of legends(witch are groudon,kyogre and rayquazza)but hes wayyyyyy to weak to learn one.but he can learn a REAL good attack too at lvl80 or so!he learns DRAGON CLAW!does not alot of dm to kill the enemy in one shot but is pretty good.these moves sheer cold and fissure can never and I repeat NEVER will be able to find a Tm of it.this strong attack can not be used with Tm's cause only 2 legendaries can learn it!but dont choose sapphire cause other pokemon learns sheer cold witch isnt SOOO rare.need more cheats?mail me!trust me!it worked for about 90 or 80 people at my church so it should work for you.but BEWARE!never delete the move fissure or sheer cold!not even the move tutor knows these moves and cant teach it to them!