Pokémon Ruby Tips

Latios/Latias capture ;-)
1.get any pokemon that was arena trap or anthing like that that doesnt make latios/latias flee the battle.

2. get repels..any kind of repels(i use max repels so i dont have to bring alot of repels.

3.then get battle with a pokemon u may battle that WILD pokemon if u want to or just run away(if the pokemon doesnt let u run away then kill it!) after the battle check ur pokedex and ckeck where latias/latios is.

(if it is not in ur area repeat step 3)

4. (this step if the latias/latios is in ur area)
Use repel so u dont get a battle with another pokemon EXCEPT LATIOS OR LATIAS! if u get into a battlw with latias or latios, sliver its lifes down to a mere red...(best move is fake out..only leaves 1 HP) bring ultra balls or timer balls or any kind of balls expt that ball uhm...i forgot the name sorry=) (make sure that the pokemon that has the abily to not let the pokemon flee is the first slot)