Pokémon Ruby Cheats

Get Regis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Dig, surf, dive are required:::::::::::Go to pacifidlog. go to da currents till yu go to a diving area. den dive. g south and yu will find a note. dive up and der are 4 or 3 rocks with papers. go to da very tiop one and press-a-and tak to da paper on da wall. Den dig. wen da door opens, go in and talk to da paper. da cave shakes. yu have just unlocked da braile puzzle. get out and find da regis. Regice is north of dewford. go to da outside of da cave all da way den go norhth. yu will see an island. go to da other side of it and go north. yu will see a cave. go in and talk tmda note. leave it der for about 2 mins. da cave openbs and, taadaa, regice. Regirock: Is in da dessert, south. hgo in da cave and talk to da note. go right 2 steps and go down two steps and use strenght. da door opens and bla bla regirock. Registeel::::::::::: go to liliycove. go through da safari and yu will see a river. go left and go through grass(north) and go in da cave. talk to da note and go in da middle and fly! Registeel will be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DER PEOPLE, I HOPED I HELPED!