Pokémon Ruby Tips

How to find and evolve the hard to find Pokemon!
Here is where to find the hard to find Pokemon:

Snorunt - Shoal cave, ice area around Lv 28 train to level 42
Horsea - Ocean Current ( plain areas) super rod -aroung Leave 26- train to lv 32 - then hold Dragon scale and trade.
Nosepass - Rock Smash in Granite Cave - Around Lv 15
Solrock - Meteor Falls (Walk around of surf or Fish)
Zangoose - route 114
Heracross - Sarfire Zone - (Acro bike needed)
Pinsir - Sarfire - (Mach Bike Needed)
Phany - Safire Zone ( Acro bike needed) train to level 25
Groundon - Cave of Origin
Latios - Ramdom in the Wild
Luvdisc - Fish at Ever Grande city
Corphish - Fish kin the pool of water west of Old Dale
Jigglypuff - Sufr up to the very top of the water north of Rustborrow and in the Grassy area.
Feebas - Fish in the Waters in route 119
Volbeat - Route 111
Absol - Route 120