Pokémon Ruby Tips

How Ta Catch A Regi and/or jirachi
first to catch the Rare Four do this:

catch latios and get latias traded to your ruby version(use masterballs)

get multiple masterballs and then go to mossdeep space station keep asking the guy in white suit looking out window until it is launch 100 go to moon an catch jirachi with masterball


go to rte.105 go in cave have relicanth no.1 in party and wailord last click a in the middle of braile wall "once" wait two minutes go in next room catch regiice

go to desert go to the middle of the braille wall
take two steps toward entrace then two to ur right then use stregnth go in next room catch regirock

go to rte. 120 or 121 go up steps near the lady near the berry patch below her to the left with green hair go up to high grass then go through to stairs go up to ruin dude don't go to near to him so he battles you then go to huge rock with hole go in to exact center of the room and use fly the next room has registeel

go catch them no dawdleing and delaying catch'em and go!!!!!!!!!!

[Moderator Note]: Jirachi is only obtainable like this in Japan.