Pokémon Ruby Tips

Easy Day Care cheat
Put a pokemon in the day care center. Just so you'll know, 1 step equals 1 exp. point. If you don't already, get the acro bike. Go to the north part of the desert where there is 2 a wall, a slope, and 2 indents in the wall that can be made into a secret base. Go left from there so you will be out of the desert. Then go up and you'll see a slope for a mach bike. Ride the bike, and try to go up the wall. You cant, you'll just go down. But this will count as a step, so find some way to keep the up button down, and leave it on overnight.( If you have a Game boy advance SP, leave it charging and turn the screen light off. Because it will ware out the light faster if you leave it on.)Then go to the day care center, and it worked!!