Pokémon Ruby Tips

Ok, so u want salamance. I can see y! He is so wicked. Well first, you need to go to meteor falls, fallabour, and up the waterfall, (u need the 8th gym badge) and go through the doorway.U then go on a ladder a little distance from the door u came from. There will then be a large room. There will be 2 ladders in this room. 1 will give u a TM. And the other 1, which is quite far away, will give u another room. Go in 2 the room, past the old couple, and battle a man at the top of some stairs. The go left down the water patches, till you at the bottom. There should be a ladder, and a small patch of water secetioned off. U will then be on a small patch of land, with a lake. Go on the lake and surf to another patch of land with a doorway. Go through the doorway. U will enter a small room with a lake in. Go across the lake to a small patch of land. Walk around this patch of ground till you find a Bagon. The lowest form of Salamance. u'll find Bagon at between level 30 and 35. Try and catch 1 at level 35! Train Bagon to level 36, and it will evolve to Shelgon. Evolve it again at level 50 to get Salamance. It takes time but nit's worth it. So............. Good luck getting Salamance!